Mom's colorful addiction

Like all adult children I always hoped for mom (87yo) to stay healthy physically and mentally. Besides engaging her in conversations, I often ask myself if there's more I can do. I'm not a medical or health practitioner by profession so I turned to the internet to search for information.
Adult children with ageing parents at times wonder what these seniors do in their free time and how they past their time. As a working mother, I don't have the luxury of spending a lot of time with mom. It would be comforting to know she can spend her day in a rewarding and meaningful way.
I happen to chance upon an article about how coloring helps seniors relax, focus on coloring and improves hand-eye co-ordination. I bought a large print coloring book designed specifically with seniors in mind. The designs are large so seniors don't have to squint to color within the lines. The prints contained beautiful nature, flowers, insects which appealed to mom. The day she started coloring, she was addicted. I took pictures of her beautiful work piece to show the rest of the family. Everyone praised the artistic color combination and how the colors stayed neatly within the lines. Mom's confidence and sense of accomplishment soared page by page. It took her less than 3 weeks to complete 50 over pages of different designs. She found joy and pride in her coloring project. "its great to know I can still accomplish such an activity"
Not sure if coloring is your cup of tea, just download a free page on "Try First" in Like it, choose from the range of coloring and painting materials available in the store.
Have a colorful day!!





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